About Me and My Car

I have now retired so am no longer teaching but my colleague Joanne can help you. You can contact her on 07841 987021. Please mention that Bumble Bee recommended you.

 "Why Bumble Bee?" I sense you ask – the car you will enjoy learning to drive in is my own manual BMW MINI. He is called Bumble and is yellow with black graphics. Need I say more?

The new MINI is fun to drive and has good vision. Bumble has automated climate control with air conditioning and is very comfortable to drive. The seating position is very flexible and can accommodate very short or very tall people easily. Naturally the car has dual controls fitted and some very discreet markers in the car to help when learning manoeuvres.

After leaving school I trained in veterinary nursing and then joined a well-known department store. I enjoyed training people, but leading a team of 90 people I began to find it hard to dedicate enough time to individual needs. I decided to sidestep and now use my skills on an individual basis to suit each person's needs and learning skills.

I am fully qualified as a driving instructor having passed 3 very difficult parts of a training exam and know the anxieties you will be feeling leading up to your driving test and of course on the day itself.

I am well-organised, motivated, caring and reliable. I spend time planning your lessons to suit your needs, will never frighten you but as importantly not retard you.

My aim is to teach you to the standard that is needed to pass your driving test.

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