Driving Tests

I have now retired so am no longer teaching but my colleague Joanne can help you. You can contact her on 07841 987021. Please mention that Bumble Bee recommended you.

 You can book both theory and practical tests online.

Theory Tests

After about 10 hours at the wheel we should be quietly confident of in-car control and we then build up our skills and confidence with other road users. I would expect you to be working on your theory aspect so you begin to identify road signs and markings.

The Theory Test comprises two parts, with multiple choice questions followed by a test of your hazard perception. Both are taken in the same session; the local theory test centres are at Kingston and Croydon.

There are 50 questions in the multiple choice section of the test and you need to get at least 43 of them correct in 57 minutes. I may be able to help you by loaning books, DVDs, CDs, etc.

You can also practice for the multiple choice test online. Free registration allows you to take 2 sample tests or you can upgrade to get unlimited access covering all possible questions for 30 days for £6.99.

The hazard perception part is a series of video clips as if you were driving a car and you need to click a computer mouse as soon as you see a potential hazard beginning to develop. Before your theory test we can spend an hour concentrating on hazard perception in relation to driving and “clicking the mouse” accordingly.

Mock Test

After about 30-40 hours you will be feeling much more confident and I will carry out a mock test on your driving. You will drive for 30 minutes and, just like on your real practical driving test, I will give you route directions only and note down any problems with your driving. I will use the same form as the examiner will use on your test day.

That will give us both a good idea as to how your driving is progressing and once you have passed your theory test we can begin to make plans for the practical test and choose a time of day where, if you drive to the standard that I have taught, you should pass your driving test at the first attempt.

Practical driving test

On the day of the practical driving test nerves sometimes creep in and you find it hard to implement what you need to do. I concentrate on the day of your driving test on making sure that you are okay, that the car is clean and up to standard and that we've encountered most driving situations.

We will have a little drive before the test, make sure your seating is comfortable and dismiss any last minute concerns. We remind ourselves of what your weaknesses are and all you have to do is take the examiner out for a controlled and observant drive. Within a few minutes he will either settle very quickly or be asking himself why he does the job.

The DSA no longer publishes test routes and has instead introduced an independent driving section of the test. There has been much press coverage on this subject but it is explained here and although it may sound a little daunting we will prepare for it fully during your lessons.

Many pupils will not have done a mock test and so will not be aware of the sheet of paper in front of the examiner but as we will have thoroughly prepared for your test you will know exactly what to expect.

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