Lessons and Prices

I have now retired so am no longer teaching but my colleague Joanne can help you. You can contact her on 07841 987021. Please mention that Bumble Bee recommended you.

 Lesson prices are: 1 hour                                  £25
                              1½ hours                              £35           
                              2 hours                                 £45

Use of car for Practical Driving Test                  £70
(including a 1½ hour lesson beforehand)

All lesson prices are for a full hour. Some schools include pickup and drop off in your lesson time which can trim your hour down significantly, and others have 50 minute lessons.

For your first few lessons when I pick you up I will drive you to an area where, although they are ordinary roads, they are not busy and many of the other road users are learner drivers too. I will also drive you home afterwards. This allows you to pick up the basics of car control before we venture onto busier roads and when I am driving it will help you to see how I put into practice what I am teaching.

Unlike most other driving schools I will not charge you for the time it takes me to drive to and from this training area; the amount you pay for your lesson will be for the time that you are actually in the driving seat. Generally I pickup from home but of course we can meet somewhere mutual or pickup between lessons at school, etc.

I can offer lessons on Mondays to Fridays, when I usually let the world get to work and start lessons at about 9.30am.

The best time to learn to drive is during the normal working day when life is calmer and more realistic. You will encounter more everyday hazards such as white vans, dustmen, delivery trucks, postmen, etc.

Although I advertise shorter lesson prices I generally find that 2 hour lessons are more productive, particularly in the early days. There is so much to learn and with a 1 hour lesson you can find that once you have settled down at the start it's almost time to stop. Most pupils therefore find that they can achieve much more in a 2 hour lesson than in two 1 hour lessons . These can be fortnightly if that suits your budget better.

My diary is busy but I am as flexible as possible about lesson times and although I can sometimes take a pupil on at short notice at busy times of the year there may be a few weeks' wait to get you on board. In reality another pupil passing their test releases a space so it is worth getting in touch with me as soon as you decide that you want to take lessons.

I also have a fully-qualified female instructor who works with me who teaches to the same high standards as I do in a Toyota Yaris.

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